Funky Vinyl Art  ♫


Do you love music? Why not include these really cool items in your wedding.

GuestBook - $75
The guestbook is made from one vinyl LP

  • Book size is approximately 8¾"h x 5¾.
  • This guestbook is hand-bound, hand cut and drilled.  
  • The front cover is made from an old upcycle vinyl record.
  • The back cover is made from the matching original cover.
  • a total of 100 blank pages front and back.
  • first page has the name of bride and groom plus date.
  • It's a coptic binding with waxed cotton thread. We will try and match your color scheme.
  • These are made from used vinyl records and can show wear and tear.
  • We have a selection of vinyl records from the early 1950's to the late 1980's. Give us a list of five LP's. (first one being your top pick) (no colored vinyl or picture disk)

Card Box - $125

This cool card/money box would another musical element to your wedding.
  • Box is made from a 13" white round box (can be painted to match color your scheme.
  • One LP is glued and laced to the top with a slit to allow cards to be dropped in box.
  • Three LPs are cut and shaped glued and laced to the side of the box.
  • records used are love song related we will try and match label to your color scheme

Prices are subject to change without notice.
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